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Ode to the Tulsa Crowne Plaza

January 23, 2008

I think I would come to Tulsa all the time just for this hotel. Some things I like about it: very attractively decorated (pale and dark green walls, dark wood trim and furniture); king size, very comfortable bed with white linens and lots of pillows so I can sleep diagonal if I so desire; nice bathroom with thick towels, good bath products, lighted close up mirror; beautiful view of the city; lots of little extras like a kit with earplugs, eye mask, linen spray, cd player with sleep cd and a plethora of outlets convenient for laptops and cell phones. Oh yeah, and unlike other cold weather overnights, they’re nice enough to leave the heat on for you.

Today was a most bizarre day work-wise. Since we got stuck in NY last night our scheduling geniusi decided we had to bring the plane back today around noon. This decision was made regardless of the fact that we would then be sitting in Atlanta for 7 hours before continuing on to our overnight here in Tulsa. Being of a sane mind I decided to go home during this break. It was quite convenient since I’d forgotten to do my emissions yesterday and would’ve had to pay for my tag being late. I got all that done and made it home with enough time left to get relaxed enough to really not want to go back to work. Then I noticed that our flight was late, stretching our break into over 8 hours. We finally brought all 27 of our passengers out here. I managed to get a lot of reading done since they slept the whole way and I had nothing else to do. It’s amazing how not working can sometimes make you more tired than actually being busy all day.

Tonight when I was reading they mentioned falafel. It reminded me of Barcelona. I introduced Israel to the kebab/pita stands that are thicker there than McDees or Starbucks are over here. I had also been introduced to them when I was in Barcelona and love them. I think he ended up eating it at least twice a day :-P. I would’ve done the same if I hadn’t lost all interest in food after my third day there. The night I got sick we were out looking for food. We crossed La Rambla and went down some new streets. Just by crossing a street we were immediately surrounded by middle eastern stores, restaurants and people. It was crazy. We went into a little shop to look for something and saw postcards from Pakistan – in Barcelona. (Do people who live in Barcelona sent postcards of Pakistan back to Pakistan or somewhere else? I don’t get it.) It’s funny how in every major city people of each country and culture find each other and make their own area. The restaurants change. The names change. The faces change. I think that was also the part where the guy got kicked out of the restaurant and started picking a fight so we moseyed on the other way back to white people world :-P. – Random memory that I don’t want to forget.

I seem to have left my glasses on the plane going to Barcelona. This means no watching tv once I’m in bed and holding my laptop near and dear to my face. It’s pretty annoying. Guess I’ll be getting some new ones soon. For now I’m just going to give my eyes a break and let them check out my eyelids.

Currently reading : Blame It on Paris By Laura Florand

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