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The blue skies are deceiving. It’s 21 here.

January 17, 2008

I’m still in Kansas City. What was meant to be a nice, relaxing day in my hotel room has become an internet connection nightmare. Last night I couldn’t get online. They offered to send someone up to fix it but it was late and I just wanted to sleep. Then this morning when I still couldn’t get online I called downstairs and was informed that they have wireless in the public areas but don’t have internet in the rooms. I thought this was strange since there was an ethernet cord in the room and the little booklet said there was internet. So later I went downstairs to ask what the deal was. The guy behind the desk says – we don’t have internet in the rooms, just ethernet…. Last time I checked they were the same?? Then the internet help guy shows up and informs me that the internet for the hotel is working and proceeds to show me on the monitor. I let him know I think that’s beautiful and all but that doesn’t mean it works in my room. He basically tells me that’s too bad. I can use the business center downstairs. That also is lovely and all but what’s the point in having internet in my room if it doesn’t work (yes, I know you have to take the cord and plug it in. I’ve done this a million times in a million hotels.) By this time I was so angry. I don’t know if he was treating me like I was stupid cause he’s Indian and I’m a woman, or because I’m blond, or because I had the worse bed-head ever. I was so mad that I turned around and walked away in the middle of what he said. I took my laptop down to the business center to prove that it wasn’t the settings on my laptop. Mission accomplished they send a new ethernet cord up to my room. Unfortunately it still didn’t work and was only two feet long anyway. I know this is dreadful but I’m still pretty mad about it. I finally had to take all my stuff and move to another room. So here I am. I lost my balcony and sleep number bed in the move, but there’s snow all over the balcony and those sleep number beds are weird so it’s ok.

I’m enjoying being blonde finally. I usually forget I’m blonde until I get some kind of reaction. Hopefully being treated like an idiot this morning had nothing to do with me or my hair color. We’ll see if blondes really do have more fun. I have to bid and try to remember all the other things on my to-do list since I have a whole day here at the hotel. Tonight I’m supposed to hang out with my buddy Joshua. Should be fun times :).

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