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snow, snow go away

January 17, 2008

I’m here in oh so fabulous Kansas City. I would be thrilled to be here cause I actually have friends who live here, but I’m too tired to do anything except lie on my bed. Today was a long day. It wasn’t necessarily bad, just long. I signed in at 8:45am after waking up around 6 and we didn’t get off the plane here until 11pm. We did have a long sit which meant it wasn’t all work, but the sitting around sometimes makes it harder to keep your work momentum going. So after two weeks off I’m back at work and I survived. Part of the crazy length of the day was due to the massive blizzard we experienced this afternoon in Atlanta. Okay, massive blizzard might be a slight exaggeration, but there was a lot more snow than we’re used to seeing in the ATL. There is actually a decent amount of snow on the ground here in MCI. It’s nice to look at and doesn’t bother me now that I’ve holed up in my hotel room for the next day or so.

I forgot to mention that I was on the radio the other day. I was listening to Star94 in the afternoon. This was unusual in the first place, and the fact that I decided to call in was even more unusual. Then on top of that they actually answered and considered what I had to say good enough to be on live radio. I was very nervous as I waited to talk to the djs. They were asking what your dating deal breakers were. One of mine is a redneck accent. I told them how I’m a flight attendant and i have a lot of really attractive men get on my flights, but once they start talking they lose all their appeal. Maybe I’m shallow. I don’t care. We all have silly things that we can’t deal with. That just happens to be one of mine.

I was lying in a very particular spot on the bed so I could get wireless here but now it kicked me off so I’ll have to post this in the morning when I have the energy to fight with it.

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