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The bane of my existence

January 15, 2008

I’m not going to make you guess. It’s my room. If you’ve ever seen it you’ll understand why. It is such a mess right now. I’m trying to rearrange it but I don’t have very many options. It’s making me insane.

As you may have noticed, I made it back from Germany. After having a crazy fun time at the club in Binsfeld (pop. 1000-8000 depending on who you ask) we drove to Frankfurt Saturday morning so I could get business elite going home. Sweeeet. I was really surprised to walk down the street of this quaint little German town and be in a dance club. I’m not talking about a pub with a dance floor either. This was a dance club (somehow fit into the historic old buildings) that had a downstairs for techno and upstairs for hip hop. It was a cool place with good music, but I honestly would’ve been content just to sit and watch people all night. It’s fascinating to go to a different part of the world and see people my age-ish and how they dress and act. I knew there would be a lot of Americans there because of the military base, but then I started to see more and more people that made me feel like I was in Atlanta. I can’t even remember how many different team jersies I saw as well as do-rags, baseball caps, and bling. I initially assumed everyone dressed like this was American until some of them walked past speaking German to each other. I also saw a guy who had a Jordan jersey on BACKWARDS. I’m assuming he wasn’t American cause if he was he’d know that’s a good way to look like an idiot. If he’s German he can get away with it. They seem to get away with anything fashion-wise in Europe. It was pretty liberating to know that I could wear my black coat and my brown shoes and look just like everyone else there. It was a lot of fun to see the Euro-mullet again. I wore my hair in a mohawk when we went out and actually got a few thumbs up and other such signs of approval from other crazy haired people. The weather was so nice that evening that we walked to the club in short sleeves and were only mildly cold. I would’ve never expected such weather in Germany in January.

Now it’s back to Georgia in January. I’m loving it. I think I’m still a little jet-lagged. I get tired about 6pm every day. It’s kind of annoying cause I had to drink some caffiene to stay awake through the evening and now I’m awake. Looking at my room is wearing me out though. Especially now that I have a belly full of my mama’s good cooking.

Today I took a journey to Chattanooga where I took part in a hair class. I had my hair bleached a week or so ago but we had trouble with the remaining red from my last hair class I was in. After about 4 steps they got the remaining odd colors out of my hair and it is a true platinum blonde. I will post pictures tomorrow. I really like it. They also sent me home with a ton of salon grade hair products which is always fun.

I guess it’s time to take my extremely platinum blonde head and put it on my pillow on my awkwardly placed bed in my ridiculously messy room.

Currently reading : Hide By Lisa Gardner

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