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shaking off my moss

January 8, 2008

It seems that it´s time to move on. I´ve just cleared out our room in the hostel and am waiting for Israel to get back from work. You´d think that after another day or so in Barcelona I´d have many more grand and exciting adventures to recount, but alas, I don´t. Unfortunately for me I´ve spent the majority of that time in bed or in the bathroom. Lovely, I know. It seems that I either got food poisoning or caught a virus that also seems to be wandering around Europe. I ditched Israel for supper Sunday night cause every time I smelled food I thought I was going to puke. Then I came back to the hostel and shivered in bed. Then it became my body´s mission to rid me of all food and anything else inside of me. It was the strangest thing – I´d finally fall asleep only to begin dreaming of food. Once I started dreaming about food I would get nauseated again. Gross. I finally got out of bed around 4 yesterday afternoon and managed to walk around a little bit. It has really killed my adventurous spirit at the moment. I have a whole other day here before I go to Germany, but I´m assuming a great deal of that time will be taken up with getting to the airport (it´s an hour away from here), figuring out where I´m staying, and other such lovely necessities. Israel leaves for Hong Kong tonight via London.

A few interesting things I remembered – around all the big tourist sites there are lots and lots of beggars. There was a very persistent one the other day by the Sagrada Familia. She kept talking about her 3 children, but the whole time she talked to us she held a scarf across her mouth. I didn´t think much of it until I saw her talking to some kids later – maybe hers – and she had dropped the scarf. That´s when I noticed the FOUR gold teeth in the front of her mouth!! This is why I don´t give money to beggars. The beggars here are the cleanest, most well-nourished bunch of poor people I´ve ever seen. The scam artists also abound. Israel and I have enjoyed watching them play their games to see if any innocent people fall for it.

During my night of sleeping and sickness I dreamed that I was requesting that all my dreams involve space camp…??? I also dreamed that I was being a flight attendant on a school bus. Yes, it was going to fly. And I was totally making up the announcement as I went. I had to say things like the emergency exits are on the side, there in the back and up front here. And instead of saying the door at the end of the aisle is the flight deck door I just said the area up at the front is for the pilots… hahah. When we were reading the Christmas story the other day I noticed how many things God told them in dreams, but if God is trying to tell me something through my dreams I think He needs to make them a little less ridiculous.

Next time I write I will probably be in Germany. Hasta luego!

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