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January 5, 2008

Greetings from across the pond. I´m currently sitting in our hostel trying to stay awake. We got first class on the way over, which was great, but I only slept about 3 of the 8 hours. And then we arrived at 2am Georgia time. We got a bus into Barcelona and dropped our stuff off at our hostel, then went walking around the city. My feet hurt. I think I´d give a lot of something valuable (money?) for a pair of shoes that don´t hurt my feet after a day of walking. Barcelona is as lovely as I remember it. The weather is nice – pretty chilly now that it´s dark- but mostly sunny during the day. We walked down La Ramblas and saw the living statues, lots of animals for sale (not for human consumption – nice change from my last trip :-P), artists, jewelry stands, con artists, magicians… You name it. I love the fashion here. Boots are everywhere in all shapes and colors. I´ve looked at some but can´t find any that are $150 worth of comfort. I´ve seen a lot of really cool architecture and art. The city seems to be the doodle pad for a lot of famous people. I´m going to go to my room and see if I can stay awake at least until 8. I don´t know what I´m going to do for the next 4 days. One of Israel´s coworkers is going to take us around on Sunday and he has to work on Monday. I´m supposed to fly to Frankfurt on Wednesday. I might see about going earlier if I run out of things to do around here. That´s about all for now. I´m tired and am going to go read about tango in Buenos Aires.

PS. I´m extremely blond now :-P. I´ll try to get some pictures up but I need to take a shower and sleep first so I don´t look scary.

Currently reading : Kiss and Tango: Diary of a Dancehall Seductress By Marina Palmer

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