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January 3, 2008

I’m going to Spain and Germany today. I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase from last night’s trip. I seem to be quite the last minute packer. I don’t even know what to pack. The high in Barcelona is in the 50s and the high in Frankfurt is in the 30s. As if Atlanta isn’t cold enough right now. Don’t they know we live in Atlanta so we don’t have to deal with single digit temperatures, or wind chills for that matter??

I guess I don’t really have time to write the long, thoughtful blog I’ve been meaning to write for days now, but at least you’ll know why I won’t be answering my phone (unless I get one that works over there). Israel and I are leaving for Barcelona today. The company he works for in China is based there so he’s going to meet some of the owners and employees. I’m tagging along cause I can :). Then on Wednesday I’m flying into Frankfurt to visit Mandy. Should be there until Saturday. I got a ticket on Ryanair for 13euros. It makes me a little nervous how cheap it is, but I’m trying to remain adventurous – or regain some of my adventurousness.

Now I have to gather all the warm clothes I own and see what I can take that will keep me from being cold and miserable.

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