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I can’t come up with a subject. I’m spent

December 30, 2007

My family is ridiculous. I really love that. Today was our annual Holby family shindig. To get an idea of how wonderful it was just think of how funny, interesting, talented, and good looking my immediate family is and multiply it by a few times. I just got home a little while ago at about 2:20am. The day consisted of lunch, watching football, going to my cousin’s basketball game, eating supper, beating to death a pinata, and opening presents. Plus lots of fun talking and story telling in between. Everyone was there except one cousin, William, and my dear brother-in-law, Scott. It was great to talk to my cousins who are at similar places in their lives. I feel challenged to do something more with my life. I found out that my cousin has me beat in the wedding department. She’s been in 10 weddings compared to my 8. We shared bride and bridesmaidzilla stories. There were also a few wedding coordinatorzilla stories. It’s really fun because the majority of my cousins are moving into the twenties bracket so it’s easier to connect and the spaces between us don’t seem as far apart anymore. Among other wonderful gifts, I got a really cute apron that looks like a little dress. I’m excited to cook something while wearing it. It makes me want to be more domestic (something I want to do anyway). There were a lot of great books exchanged and discussed which makes me want to read and write more. Though I use this blog for memory and amusement purposes it’s also good for me just to be writing. I see it as exercise, and we all know how important daily exercise is in any area of our lives. As I approach my 27th birthday I feel like I need to start acting on some of the things that I know I could/should be doing with my life. I’m definitely not getting any younger and don’t want to look back and feel like I’ve wasted my energy and talents. This is a big run-on thought, but like I said, being around my family always challenges and stimulates me. I’ve been getting a steady diet of it for over a week now and hopefully it won’t just be a passing feeling.

It looks like Barcelona is back on. I’m getting the travel itch again (another thing that my cousins feed) and am trying to figure out how much travel I can get out of my upcoming vacation time without overspending or wearing myself out. I need to sleep some first though before I try to figure anything out.

Last night was another family reunion of sorts. All 5 of my siblings are in town so we had random people come by my parents house last night to visit. It has been crazy seeing people and trying to fit a lot of catching up into a little time, but it’s also been amazing to reconnect and be reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life. I am such a fortunate girl and I hope I never forget that or take it for granted.

I thank God for my wonderful family and friends.

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