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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

December 25, 2007

… the sound of Indiana Jones was playing… I don’t know why but Joy, Peter, and Michal were dying to watch it tonight. Nothing like a little tomb raiding to put you in the Christmas spirit.

We now have almost the entire Frank and Mary Holby clan gathered here. We’re still waiting for Christine to finish out the first (and best) set. It’s fun times. My mother continues to produce more fabulous food than anyone deserves to eat. My siblings continue to amaze me with their wit and humor. Our second family joke (the first being the “our brother in China” joke) is to try to use inappropriate words as often and as appropriately as possible. It makes us all happy. Peter was telling a story about a shop-lifting incident he witnessed. He said that the person ran out of the store. I said the police should have shot his ass so he couldn’t get on it and ride away. I kill myself sometimes.

I swear this music sounds just like Star Wars…

Today was the least painful Christmas Eve shopping day I’ve ever had. It helped that I already knew what I was shopping for and Jamie and Adri went with to help keep me motivated and entertained. It’s so great to have everyone in town. I’m excited to see everyone open their presents tomorrow. I guess that means I’m a big kid now.

I read this book last week. Not all that I had hoped and dreamed it would be. I knitted my first scarf of the winter so I probably won’t be reading much for a while. Not until I learn how to knit without looking at it.

It took Israel and I about 11 hours to get back from arKansas yesterday. It was a good drive. He drove the first half and I drove the second half without stopping. I had a car that followed me from Mississippi until I got off of I-20 onto I-285. It may seem silly but it really made the drive go by faster. We had a little chain of cars going and I think it just helped keep my mind off of all the miles that were passing.

Evidently our cat is supposed to start talking at midnight so I’m going to finish this and go see what she has to say. I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas. I wish all my loved ones could have the opportunity to be with those they love at Christmas like I am. It really is such a blessing.

Currently reading : Love in the Time of Cholera (Oprah’s Book Club) By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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