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The world will never ever be the same, and you’re to blame

December 14, 2007

I think there’s something wrong when it seems strange to be sleeping in my own bed. I really have only been gone two nights lately but it still feels odd. My bed sometimes makes me feel like I’m in a taco. I think it sags in the middle. It also makes some sort of noise every time I barely move. Sometimes breathing even makes it creak. But it’s nice to be here.

It’s been a very busy 4 days. I’ve done more flying since Monday than I normally do in 4 days. About 28 flight hours actually. It’s nice to be able to get that much work crammed in but they really make you pay for it. Monday night I was in Leon, Mexico and I had all sorts of things to write about but alas, there isn’t any internet connection in my room there. Then last night I had internet but was too tired to write about anything. Now I’ve forgotten most of it.

My car hit 90k on the way home from work Tuesday night. Despite the fact that I only wash it once a year and I can’t go blazing past people like I’d like to, I do like my car. I got a lecture from some guy the other night because it doesn’t have a name. I’m not even sure if it’d be a girl or a guy… What a quandry.

I’m getting deep into my crossword puzzles these days. The excitement of the week so far was that I finished the one on Tuesday. Laugh all you want both they’re really hard so I’m going to be proud of myself.

I finished this really great book the other day – “The Lighting Thief”. Someone my dad works with lent it to him and he liked it, then Michal liked it, so I figured I’d read it. It looks like a kid’s book. I think it might be actually, but it was really good. And like my dad said, it’s a great way to learn about Greek mythology. I got one of the answers on the crossword yesterday from something I learned in this book. Go me :).

I’m going to San Diego in the morning and am going to be le tired if I don’t go to sleep pronto. It’s been nice seeing you Georgia. I’ll be back soon.

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