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November 30, 2007

I forgot how much I like this city. I like flying down here. It’s a long flight but the passengers are nice and there’s almost always at least one expat who will have interesting conversations with me. I like to get off the plane and have all the airport staff be so friendly. I like going to a hotel where they treat us like regular guests instead of second rate ones because we’re air crew. I like how different it is from home. I don’t like the poverty down here but it is good to help me remember how blessed I am. I like how the people seem to be very happy with themselves. I like how there are always families walking together. I like how I can look out my window and see the lights of the houses as they creep up the mountains. Any city surrounded by mountains is nice. I like to see the sidewalk vendors with their random foods. I like to see what other people feel is normal and wonderful, even though I might disagree. I like that I saw a horse pulling a cart down the side of the interestate. I like to see lots and lots of people who are under 5 feet tall and don’t seem to feel short. It seem like Monterrey is being rejuvenated. It seems a little more cleaned up and together than on previous visits (though it still smells awful at times.) I like all the funny little cars. I like the walking street with all the shops with funny, cheap clothes. I like that you can stand in front of one 7-11 and see two more down the street. Even though I’m only about 2 hours from Texas I feel like I’ve gone somewhere. I’m glad I’m here today.

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