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Borderline feels like I’m going to lose my mind

November 28, 2007

I have reached that point where I feel like all I can do is complain about work. It’s not so much my actual job that I want to complain about as the never staying at home for more than 5 minutes-ness of it. I just saw that I got integrated. This means that I have to do a nap on Saturday night. This means that I will be working 12 days in a row. It’s legal as long as I have a 24 hour break in there somewhere. This ruins lots of my plans. Arg…

I’ve had all sorts of interesting people on my flights lately. I had a stupid idiot who thought that because there weren’t any “no smoking” signs on the ramp in Tulsa, then he could smoke while waiting to board the plane. Nevermind that the jet was being fueled about 30 feet away. I had a lady who was so yellow that I thought it was makeup at first. I’ve seen people who were jaundiced but this was unreal. I felt really bad for her cause I know she couldn’t have been healthy. I’ve also begun judging pilots by the passwords they use. If they say a brand of soda or our passwords I immediately file them in the loser category. And it takes a lot to work your way out of that once you’re there. So unimaginative…

If I go to sleep now I can sleep for 9.6 hours and that would make me happy.

PS. I’ve decided if I’m ever going to live in a hotel, other than the one in Key West, it would be here. This tempurapedic (sp) is scrumptious. And did I mention that I love king size beds?

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