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Coincidences/ coincidenci/ coincidi

November 8, 2007

I feel like everything I write these days is very “this is what I had for lunch” type writing. I kind of feel like not writing until I have something good, but I need to keep at it. Sorry for those who have to suffer through it.

So for lunch today…. Just kidding. I’ve been having thoughts about coincidences (I think coincidenci sounds much better) lately. I was raised to think that things weren’t so much coincidences as from God. If something ever seemed a little odd or too coincidental I would try to see if there was something I needed to learn or some way I could grow from the incident – like God was trying to get my attention. I still don’t believe anything happens by chance and do believe that God directs our paths and is ever present in our lives, but sometimes I have a hard time finding the God-ness in what seems like a total random coincidence. And not that God isn’t involved in the tiny things of life, I believe He is, but these are just too tiny and silly.

The other day I flew with a guy and we were talking about speaking incorrectly. We discussed how people really shouldn’t say “I could care less” because if they could care less it defeats the point they’re trying to get across. Then my FO mentioned the phrase ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. I’ve never ever heard this before. I always thought it was ‘the proof is in the pudding’, not realizing what it meant. Then, not 8 hours later, I’m back home and in the doctor’s office for my stupid back. We’re discussing chiropractors and his answer as to whether they’re really any good is… yes, you guessed it ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. I’m just like wtf mate? This may seem really stupid to non word Nazis, but I couldn’t believe that I was hearing this twice. We decided that God must be telling me to go buy some pudding on the way home.

Last week I was reading Hemingway. I finished it while I was at home and had another collection of his short stories in my car that I meant to bring with me but forgot when I was hurrying. I was really bummed and was scanning the planes for left books so I wouldn’t get bored on my trip. We get to the airport yesterday and as we’re waiting 3 hours for the plane someone mentions their lost and found box. I asked if they had any books in there. I’m expecting these dime a dozen action thriller paperbacks. Sometimes I can suffer through them. He said that there were a few but there was only good one. And what does he bring back to me? Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms. One that I was very interested in reading. This may not seem that coincidental except that never when you are actually wanting to read someone do you find their books. And a few months ago I probably wouldn’t have even been interested in reading Hemingway. Anyway… it’s a really good book and I’m pleased that I found it. It’s the story of an American ambulance driver who is in the Italian army in WW1. He’s falling in love with an English nurse. We’ll see what happens…

I’m in Tulsa and have to get up at 6am but am not even tired. I took some ambien but it hasn’t done anything for me. Blah. Three more legs and I’m home. Woo hoo.

I had a two hour break in Atlanta tonight and 4 of my passengers from my first flight asked me to eat dinner with them. They’re 4 military types, 3 men, 1 lady, on their to Dubai and then one somewhere else for a conference. I’ve realized that if you’re going to go on a date, the airport could possibly be the safest place ever to do it. You’re always in wide open public. There’s nowhere for someone to run should there be an indiscretion. If it turns out terrible it’s pretty easy to lose yourself in the airport. We had a nice, fun dinner though. It’s funny cause one of my friends was telling me yesterday that he views every one of my flights like playing the lottery. Every time you get a chance to have someone amazing on there. The odds are kind of like the lottery as well, but every once in a while you win and meet someone cool.

The subject is due to my love for using an i to pluralize words. It makes me happy.

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