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You see the smile that’s on my mouth, it’s hiding the words that won’t come out

November 6, 2007

All of the great many fascinating things I have to blog about have been one-upped by the phone interview I just did. I wasn’t going to write anything on here about my potential job, just because if I don’t get it I’m going to be really sad, but you’d all find out anyway. We all know I can’t keep my own secrets. I just did a phone interview and I feel like it was awful. One of the questions I didn’t even have an answer for, and instead of saying why I didn’t have an answer I just said I didn’t know. I think I did really well on some of the other ones though… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. You can only expect so much from on the spot question asking. Hopefully they don’t make that the be-all end-all of who I am. So far I’ve had one mini phone interview, filled out a ridiculous assessment, and now had this interview. Hopefully I get another one.

Other than that, I’m back at work now. I basically had 4 days off over the weekend and it was really great. I got to spend time with a lot of different friends and family. I got to have dinner with TanJoe on Thursday and hear about the honeymoon. It sounded like such a good time that I’m thinking about going on one soon. I did lots of errands. Got things taken care of, which always makes me feel good. I saw my family (well what’s left of it in Georgia) a couple of times. Mrs. Fields and I made an IKEA run. I found out that one of the reasons my battery barely lasts a day is because I haven’t updated it in 5 months so evidently it’s still searching for towers that no longer are there. Word to you Verizon users, do your updates. It helps.

The weather has taken a sudden turn toward winter and I’m not really a fan. I actually broke out the hideous work pants for the first time since last winter. I could get another pair that looks better, but I’d really rather not buy more uniform pieces for my current job.

I’m thinking of venturing out into the great unknown of Bloomington. I have 2.5 hours left until I go to the airport and I’m kind of getting tired of breathing hot, dry air.

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