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cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies

October 29, 2007

Just a few things I thought of…

I love king sized beds.

I’m glad the Red Sox won. Though I think the sweep was a bit anti climactic. I would’ve prefered a little more competition and excitement.

I like wearing jeans to work. They should give us reasons to do it more often. (This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on Fri, Sat, and Sun they give us the option to wear a nice breast cancer shirt and jeans.)

I talked to a Delta flight attendant tonight on one of my flights and his biggest gripe with the job was working with old people. That makes me happy. I hope that soon my biggest gripe can be the age of my fellow crew members.

The world is getting smaller. I met a guy in Florida a while back. He lives in New Hampshire. I live in Georgia. We are talking and discover that his brother lives in Portland, ME and works with my dear Mrs. White. How weird is that?

I already got one swap approved for next month. I’m going to try to work a whole lot. We’ll see how that goes. Today was my first day back at work after 9 days off. I guess after I work 11 out of the next 12 days we can talk again about working extra this month.

The temperature in this room is impossible. There isn’t a happy medium between hot and cold. Speaking of, I called the hotel and reported the creepy van guy.

I’m le tired.

Oh yeah, I saw a man today with white hair and the craziest, thickest black eyebrows.. I mean eyebrow. Never have I seen such a thorough and insane unibrow. I couldn’t stop staring and I wanted to laugh a little :-P.

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