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Praise God from whom all blessings flow

September 28, 2007

Tonight I got home from one of those trips that felt so long that it seems like something (besides gas prices) should be different whent I get back. It was a good, easy trip. It just seemed really long. I’ve had really random songs stuck in my head for the last few days. Now I can’t think of any of them. Last night it was a Shania Twain song, of all things, and it gave me a freaking headache. I love her that much.

Tomorrow I’m off to Amherst for the weekend. Then it’s back for a crazy, ridiculous month. First weekend is Amie’s wedding. The week after that I have a doctor’s appointment and birthdays to think about. The following weekend is Tanya’s wedding. After that it’s another trip to Amherst to accompany Adri to her surgery. I think I should just be able to give all that to my job and they give me a schedule that fits neatly around it… Or not. Hopefully at some point I will also be scheduling around an interview for a different job.

I have to get up and be productive tomorrow before I go to MA so I guess this’ll be it for now. I tried to be productive tonight and clean my room, but I have a hard time being motivated to make a room that I have so little attachment to anything but walkable. Maybe next time.

Oh yeah, I did see a few things in the last few days that I’d like to remember. The other day we were sitting at the airport waiting for our plane. I think it was last week in Melbourne. There was a lady with a little boy waiting to greet the plane. A soldier came off the plane and was hugging and kissing both of them. Almost immediately he took a little hat, just like his, out of his bag and put it on the little boy. It actually brought tears to my eyes to see how happy they were to see each other. It’s one of those things where you feel kind of bad watching such a personal, intimate time, but at the same time I appreciate being able to watch and enjoy the love they obviously have for each other. The next thing was Tuesday night. My captain has a 5 year old boy. Tuesday night was his first football game ever and he scored a touchdown. He was talking to his son on the phone and was so happy and excited and kept telling him how proud he was and how happy he was. It reminded me of the song where they tell their children they are meant for amazing things. I can’t help but think how loved that little boy must feel knowing how proud his father is of him. The last thing was last night when we went to Bloomington. There was a couple on the flight with a little girl. She looked hispanic and I don’t think she spoke English. I heard them telling someone they had adopted her. I couldn’t hear the whole story and didn’t want to be nosy. When we pulled up to the airport there were about 40 people lined up at the window where the plane parks. They were holding balloons and signs. As the couple and little girl got off the plane they all started clapping and cheering. A few minutes later we came through the terminal past them and everyone was hugging and taking pictures. Then they all gathered around the family and started singing the doxology. It was really beautiful to hear. I nearly got a tear again just seeing the love that was there in the airport.

I’m really finished now :-P.

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