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September 18, 2007

That’s what I’m experiencing right now. Or maybe I’m just trying to keep with the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” motto. I’m feeling very imbalanced these days and it’s getting old. I don’t like very many things at the moment. I’m a big jerk. Oh well. Today was pretty good and then I started feeling this way again. I did have a crackacino (a 4 shot latte), which may have had something to do with the mood improvement earlier (that and mercilessly dragging Jamie around PTC running errands), but it’s probably also responsible for why I can’t sleep. Evidently caffiene takes about 7 hours to kick in for me. I should start drinking coffee before I go to sleep at night so it’ll kick in about when I’m waking up and need it.

On a less grouchy note, the weather is fabulous. That could be the other reason I felt better. I also got to see lots of people I like tonight, but sadly it was mostly for a terrible reason. The Pollard’s Granny passed away on Saturday. She was a very special lady and I’ll really miss her. I know a lot of people will. I feel like myspace is a trivial place to talk about something so serious, but I guess it’s part of my day and my life. I hate it for them.

I have to work tomorrow, which will either be really good cause it’ll distract me from the voices in my head, or it will be really bad cause it will add more voices to the ones in my head :-P. I hope my passengers are nice and that by some miracle I feel like I got 8 hours of sleep instead of less than 5.

PS. I’m thankful Peter didn’t get shot today when their stupid redneck neighbor decided to start randomly shooting into the woods while he was having a wander around. If he had gotten shot then I would’ve had to kill the stupid guy. Then I’d NEVER get hired by anyone else. Would’ve just messed everything up. 😛

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