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This really wasn’t meant to be this long

September 13, 2007

WToday was a very difficult day full of decisions and emotions. I took a nap by the pool here in Texas and had to decide if I was going to lie on my back or my stomach. I thought I lost my contact case and lotion and was very upset. But then I found it (the emotional roller coaster!) I had to decide between lots of hot breakfast combinations. My toe hurt. It was a rough day.

We got the long day of work over with yesterday. Then I had some great seafood gumbo in Ft. Walton Beach. My pilots are really fun. They liked to make up new names for me and announce them over the PA. The thing is, they’re usually names that are more appropriate for “adult entertainers” than for flight attendants. Though I’ve heard that there are those who do both… It’s amusing though. Sometimes I can hear them laughing through the cockpit door.

I’m wondering what is a good way to express appreciation to someone you don’t know. It’s for a girl. I know that I like Starbucks cards, and most people I know do, but am not sure if she would.

Israel just got back from Australia. He’s going to be working for an Australian company, but still living in China near where he lives now. This line from the email he sent me made me really happy “You should plan on coming down later in the fall. Also next spring we’re going to go an a hunting trip in the outback. I already told them you were coming. ” Woo hoo!! I’m going to Australia.

I also spoke to someone who said my desired airline should begin hiring non-language flight attendants mid October. I hope… and then I hope they hire me. They better.

I need to start heading toward bed and since the wireless sucks and the cable is a foot long, I’m pretty much glued to the desk.

Oh yeah, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. Last week I flew back from Omaha. A young woman got on the plane followed by a cute little boy. They sat in row 7. This was a midday, midweek flight which usually has mostly business men on it. As I was going through checking everything I noticed that she was nursing this child. No blanket but shirt pulled down enough. Then I came back through again and saw that she had switched him to the other breast. Problem was, she never bothered to cover the first one back up and he was messing with this fully exposed breast. I was so shocked, as were most of the men around her. I asked her how old he was to find out if he was a lap child or ticketed. He was over 2. He fell asleep so I let her keep him on her lap. There was another employee traveling and I had been telling her what was going on. Then I go to the part where I had to start doing my announcement where I ask everyone to direct their attention to the front of the cabin and listen carefully. I looked at the other employee and we were both thinking “yeah right!!” and started laughing. I knew no one was going to be looking at me or listening to anything I said. I didn’t know what to do. Where is the line between breastfeeding and public indecency? I also keep hearing stories about airlines getting sued because of breastfeeding issues…. BUT STILL!! There were several more times during this flight where I’d walk past and have a conversation with this lady as her entire shirt was pulled up over both breasts!! Crazy crazy crazy…

I just took an ambien since I have to get up really early and am already running on fumes. It makes me feel woozy and I might start saying things I shouldn’t. So goodnight Texas!

Currently reading : The Grapes of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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