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killing time.

August 30, 2007

I’m currently squatting in the jetway at the Manchester airport. It’s the only place I can get consistent internet without going up into the terminal. We just had to deplane because of a minor maintenance issue. The people are thrilled. They were thrilled when they got on the plane in the first place. I love my job :-D.

It’s a beautiful day to be flying… Or sitting in a jetway :). I had the weirdest dreams last night. I’ve noticed that I seem to have a lot of dreams about houses or homes. Last night I dreamed I was staying in this apartment with a few friends. We were all crashing on the couches and floors. One day I went upstairs and discovered this really fancy bathroom and bedroom area. Couldn’t figure out why we weren’t using it. It had basically a shower room so I decided to use it. I noticed lots of bugs on the walls. I figured it was because the bathroom hadn’t been used much. I figured the best way to get rid of them was to spray them with shower cleaner and kill them. (It’s hard to kill bugs when you’re naked.) I also noticed that I had a tattoo basically all over the back of my body. The top of it was red and black. I think part of a woman or something and then the whole rest of the back of me, legs and all, was tattood black. Then I realized it was time for breakfast. I had wanted to get breakfast in the hotel since it was free and in my dream my friends had already gone somewhere else to eat. Breakfast ended at 10am and in my dream it was 9:59. Needless to say, I have weird dreams. I don’t think they really mean anything. I had been thinking about Amy’s new tattoo last night so maybe that’s where that came from… Who knows.

I’m getting used to my new hair. I got a lot of compliments yesterday and got hit on so it must not be ugly.

The plane is fixed.

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