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monday, monday…

August 27, 2007

Peter and I drove at least 3000 miles today. At least. And now I have dark brown/red hair. It was fun. We listened to lots of music. Peter put Beyonce to shame with his singing. We drove to Chattanooga today to get my hair done. It was fun. It’s kind of a long story that starts with a passenger I met on my second trip ever two years ago. He’s a stylist in CHA and does hair classes. Today’s was called ForeverRed, hence the red hair. It took two times to get it right. The first time I ended up looking like a calico cat. We decided it wasn’t really my style and tried again. Then we took a jaunt further north and said howdy to Joy. It’s kind of funny to just drive to Tennessee for the day. Maybe not so much funny as odd. But we had a good time so it was well worth it.

The phone is ringing and I’m sleepy so I’m off.

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