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CA wanderings

August 15, 2007

In the past 36 hours I have experienced a greater variety of temperature and terrain than I have in quite a while. I left hot, humid Atlanta yesterday am and arrived in cool, foggy San Francisco several hours later. Then within another hour I was out of the city where it was warm and dry. Today Christine and I drove from Concord to Yosemite. The variety of landscape and vegetation our here is astounding. We saw El Capitan and Half Dome. This makes me feel like I’ve seen a little piece of my family history as I’ve grown up hearing stories about these places from my father and about my grandfather. The scenery was breathtaking. I’ll put pictures up because I feel that it’s ridiculous to even try to explain how amazing it is.

I got out here yesterday and we spent a little while in the afternoon checking out the consignment stores around here. We went in one where you can buy Manolos for $150. USED. And they look used. It’s ridiculous. We had a good time and I was once again reminded that just because it has a famous label on it or was once purchased by a rich lady DOES NOT by any means mean that it will be attractive. Very amusing.

Later we went home and made a scrumptious dinner of steak (Christine knows my heart), mushrooms, arugula salad with goat cheese, purple onions, and corn, and fried, breaded abalone that one of their friends dove for on Sunday. It was amazing, as are all Christine’s meals. Even the sandwiches she packed today were interesting (in a good way). Leftover steak with onions, cheese, peppers (and I don’t really even like peppers), fresh basil and arugula on some kind of cheesy bread. The moral of the story is, I hope one day I learn how to use flavors and ingredients as well as she does. Nothing is plain and everything is so good.

Now I’m le tired because it’s 2am according to el body del Grace. I think it’s pretty amazing that I flew across the country yesterday for nothing. It makes me happy and like my job a little more (being on vacation also helps :-D.)

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