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…everyone should hear: you were meant for amazing things

August 8, 2007

It’s funny how God has such amazing things for us, yet we choose to live our lives our own way thinking we can come up with more amazing things… We are silly, silly people. I’m glad that God is aware of our silliness and still loves us.

This is a line from one of the songs I’m playing this weekend and I really like it. It’s “Umbrellas” by Sleeping at Last. It’s a very beautiful, loving song.

I’m trying to think what I can do with my morning and early afternoon here in Knoxville where I won’t have to look back and think that I wasted my day. I think reading falls into the not wasting time category. I’m really irritated with myself because last night, in my haste to get off the plane, I left a big bag of food I had bought for the trip. I usually don’t bring stuff that has to stay cool for this exact reason. I had lunch meat, cheese, a whole bag of cherries, celery, and hummus. If there was anything else I’d rather not remember it. I hate wasting. Oh well.

I had the weirdest dreams this morning. I dreamed I paid a $600 bill for dinner. I was really worried that I didn’t have enough money to cover it. That might have come from the conversations I had last night with these guys who were telling us how much they made and flashing around lots of hundreds in their wallets. I also dreamed I was visiting my grandparents and my grandpa would sneak up on the roof of their house to smoke… Which is ridiculous because as long as I can remember he’s never smoked and he’s very health conscious. There were more but I’ve forgotten them.

Yesterday was a nightmare passenger-wise. The trip didn’t get off to a good start because the plane we were supposed to take to Chicago for our first round trip was very late. This in turn made us very late and made our passengers very grumpy. We had stupid non-revvers who seemed to think it was open seating and just sat in the first available seats and then got all huffy when they had to move. They were like oh, we didn’t even look at our boarding passes… I’m like well, those numbers are there just for kicks… Arg. It still annoys me. This is all while we’re trying to hurry back to Atlanta because we’re late and people have connections. One old guy got on the plane and was like now I see why the ticket prices are so high – they’re hiring fashion models for flight attendants. We all laughed – arent’ you just the funniest, thankyou. Then during the beverage service he goes off on me cause we don’t have any beer. Writes all this stuff down. Complains cause he’s a stockholder and there should be beer on the flight. Who is responsible for there not being any beer. I try to appease him by offering him wine or a mixed drink. He informs me (because I’m a stupid idiot) that wine is not beer. There are beer drinkers and wine drinkers. All this time I’m thinking, that’s funny cause the 3 other people that wanted beer were content with a mixed drink… So let’s hope I don’t get fired for not having beer on here. I also thought it was odd that he claimed to be a stockholder but was complaining about the price of tickets… That is just a sample of what we dealt with yesterday. Sometimes I love people so much I want to squeeze them… to death :-P.

I’m going to go enjoy my music, my tortillas and tuna, and a book. Hopefully today’s passengers will be friendlier and I don’t leave anything else important on the plane.

Don’t ever forget that you were meant for amazing things.

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