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ATRs and the Pacific

July 29, 2007

Oh yeah…

I’m not sure if anyone else will think this is funny, but it made me laugh so hard I want to write it down so when I need something to laugh about I can remember it.

Yesterday, probably on the fourth leg of our five leg day I was sitting in the galley trying to stay awake. We had been hoping all day that we’d get canceled or switched to something more fun than a short overnight in Baton Rouge. Ryan (the other flight attendant) comes up to me and says that they’ve switched us (Woo hoo!!) We’re going to Tokyo Narita…. on the ATR. I’m a little slow at this point so it takes a minute for it to register and I realize he’s lying. He says, yes, it will take us nine stops (It’d actually take a lot more than that). We have to re-fuel going across the ocean. We’d land on an aircraft carrier, fuel up, take off, then fly til we caught up with the aircraft carrier again, then re-fuel again. The mental picture, and the sheer stupidity that would be involved in a mission like that made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my seat. It still makes me laugh when I think about it.

This is why work this month has been so fun. Plus the whole Key West thing…

After filling out one of these bulletin questionaires I was curious enough to find out the farthest place I’ve been. It seems that Budapest, Hungary is a mere 5500 miles away, Fenghua, China is 7509 miles away and Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa takes the cake at 8977 miles away. I have to say that with all that it took for us to get there (did I mention driving 500 miles across South Africa’s Transkei with my ex future mother-in-law?), that place does seem the farthest.

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