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a sunny Manchester day

July 29, 2007

I have nothing fantastic to blog about. I’m bored, tired, and grouchy. My reasons for being so aren’t really that good either. I just am. I’m lonely but too grouchy to really be around or talk to anyone either, yet being by myself makes me grouchier.. It’s a vicious cycle :-P.

It was nice to have a break from watching Flica all the time and hoping for trades and swaps… This was the first month in a year that I haven’t swapped everything around. It’s been a nice month of work. I’m going to miss my crew. They’ve been great. Next month I don’t like my schedule as much, plus I have vacation so I’m trying to swap everything around. I wish I didn’t have any bills. Otherwise, I’d take my potentially 14 days off and go somewhere exotic. I might still do it anyway. It’s been way too long since I went far far away. I’ve gotten so comfortable in where I am that I can hardly remember the person who got dropped off on the side of the highway in Hungary. I think one reason I’m remembering that person again is because it seems that so many of the things I’ve been comfortable with have changed.

I spent my last night in our apartment on Friday night. It was uneventful. I made about 15 trips up and down 3 floors of stairs with half my stuff. If you thought moving was awful, try moving by yourself. It rocks my face off. I still have to move some stuff when I get home on Tuesday but hopefully it won’t take long. I was looking at the pile that I’m making in Matt and Molly’s garage and wondering what the heck all that stuff is. I’m pretty sure all I moved was my bathroom stuff, clothes, and bedding and it seems like so much. I’m moving into a smaller room with a much smaller closet so this should be interesting. I’m ready to have my stuff settled in again.

I’m going to go wander around and see if some vitamin D will improve my mood.

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