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the thing to do

July 27, 2007

Everyone seems to be blogging about change these days, so I’ll join the club. Partially because I’m thinking about it and partially because I’m using it as a delay technique.

I’m sitting on the floor in my room. It’s the only room in our apartment that seems remotely normal. The only one that has furniture left in it. My Porsche poster is still on the wall but my shelves have been taken down. I was reminded yesterday as I unscrewed them from the wall of what a pain they were to hang. It was a “I don’t need any stupid men” project. I did pretty good building them. Didn’t need any stupid men to help me with that part. But then I found out that it’s kind of hard to hang a shelf on your own. Managed the bottom one using my shoulder as a third hand, but ended up having to get Tanya to hold the other end while I screwed them in.

I think I’m not so much in a sentimental mood as in a I hate moving mood. I have to leave for work in a little over 12 hours and when I get back on Tuesday I’ll have another 8 to move my stuff. I should get a move on (no pun intended – though that is a good one :-P).

I’m moving into the Jones household for the time being. I don’t know how long that will be. I have other stuff to figure out before then. But for now it’s cheap, convenient, and my landlords are pretty awesome. Some of the others living there… not so much awesome, but it’ll do for now.

I wish that I had made time to blog about my last trip cause it was awesome and now I’m starting another one and it’s getting further in the past. I’m still catching up on my sleep. I visited two beaches in two days. I found out that a good way to feel good about your body, pretty much regardless of the shape it’s in, is to go to the beach in New Hampshire. That was the first time I’ve been to a New England beach and the water was cold, but it was amusing, and we had lobster afterwards. I had no idea Manchester was so close to the beach. The next day we were in Key West which was awesome as well. It was much, much hotter so I spent most of the day in the pool and my entire face and part of my shoulders have now peeled as a result. It was good fun and we met some crazy passengers from Boston who were fun to hang out with.

I have too much to do so I’m ending this now. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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