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Randomness from Alexandria

June 20, 2007

That’s Louisiana for any of you who thought I might be in a cool town…

I misbid next month. I am supposed to work every Sat-Tues. The upside of it is I’m scheduled to spend a great deal of time at the beach. hmmm…

I arrived into my hotel room at 207 local time. A mere 4 hours late. Welcome to summer time in Atlanta. The plane we were supposed to take to Moline at 350 got diverted to Savannah while coming in from Baton Rouge and didn’t even land until after 7.

I witnessed the Braves beating the Red Sox last night. It was a quite enjoyable experience. I did that after spending pretty much the entire day at the pool. Also an enjoyable experience. Yay for Molly’s birthday and for J having a whole day off from flying and his other job.

I think there is a rule that if I have a good looking passenger he must have a baby and/or attractive wife in tow.

My nose itches really bad.

I have had lots of offers for places to live and a potential roommate situation come up. Still no clue what I’m actually going to do.

Peter is the best little brother ever. Who, when they offer to bring you lunch to “use up lunch meat in the frig” brings mac’n’cheese, sandwiches (toasted bread, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, meat, and cheese), the only sweet tea in the world that I like in a big jar, yogurt, and cookie dough (not for cooking. just eating.)? It was very yummy and also great because I haven’t had a chance to have a meal since then.

I got my hair cut today which always makes me happy. Nothing like a fresh, short cut and a visit with Faith.

I have sufficiently unwound and must sleep now.

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