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expired food

June 16, 2007

The yogurt I just ate is a month past it’s expiration date and the chocolate milk I’m drinking is 12 days past. Mmmm… They both taste fine though.

I’m finally home from the trip I thought would never end. And I came home to an empty apartment. I hate it. Amie moved out while I was gone and Tanya is in Texas. It makes me ridiculously sad to have Amie gone. Jonathan gave me a ride home last night and I think he thought I was going off the deep end… I don’t like that Amie won’t be coming in my room in the morning anymore or noticing the little things about me that noone else does. (Who else will tell you they like waking up and just knowing you’re in the next room?) I don’t like that the only person who got really, really excited when I was going to be home is gone. I don’t like that our apartment will no longer be the fun place to hang out. It’ll be the empty place. I had dreams last night about moving. Still not sure where though. Dreamed that the complex here was trying to make us stay. Ha! I know I’m probably being a little dramatic cause she isn’t moving to the moon or anything, but things are changing and it’s happening a lot faster than I’m prepared for and it makes me really sad.

I’m going to the gym. I don’t feel like it but I need to. I don’t see how I couldn’t have lost weight this week. All I’ve been eating is dried fruit, real fruit and other healthy things. I did have chicken nachos one night and Taco Bell last night… We’ll see.

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