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Yesterday I fell in love

June 15, 2007

With Burlington, VT. I had the pleasure of spending a night and most of a day there and discovered that it was a beautiful, charming little town. The weather was perfect (though I was told it’s only that way about 4 months out of the year). It began on the way up when it seemed that my two front seat passengers worked for the BTV chamber of commerce. They seemed to think that it’s the best city anyway. They told me lots of places I had to see and things to do. It’s nice to meet people who love their home so much.

Wednesday night Adri drove from MA to Burlington to see me. I personally think she was crazy to do it, but I appreciated it so much. It made me feel special. It was awesome to see her. The next day she had to go back to work so I walked back down to the town. The weather was perfect and beautiful. There’s a street that’s blocked off to traffic and just has shops and restaurants on it. I just wandered around there. Ate Chinese dumplings from a stand, walked to the water front, went shopping, ate icecream. It was generally a very lovely day. When I grow up and am rich I might by a summer house up on Lake Champlain and spend my days wandering through the little towns :).

Today is the last day of my trip. I don’t know if it’s because I did a dayline before I started this trip, but it seems like it’s lasting forever. I have 3 legs today and am supposed to finished at 830 tonight. I have little confidence in that though considering that 4 out of my last 4 days of work have ended anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours late. Wish me luck, or good weather, or whatever.

Right now I’m in Northwest Arkansas. We’re supposed to leave here in about an hour and I’ve officlally done nothing with my morning. We got in really late last night and it took me a while to wind down so I had to sleep til almost 11 to get close to 8 hours of sleep.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday.

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