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June 11, 2007

My mother has just set sail back across the wild blue yonder but without me this time. It kind of makes me nervous. I think this must be how parents feel when they send their children off into the great unknown without them.

I’m starting another 4 day trip today. On paper it looks good. We’ll see how it goes. It looks like I’ll have a hodgepodge of pilots. Sometimes that’s good cause if one of them sucks he’ll be gone in a day or so, but it can also work the opposite way.

As I mentioned the other day, I switched my Sunday dayline for one on Monday. I was talking to my FO on Friday and he was saying how glad he was to finally have Sundays off so he could go to church. It made me feel bad and realize that I had voluntarily decided to work on Sunday, even though I’m trying to go to church more regularly. It’s also the main day I get to spend with my family and I hate to miss that. It’s just an all round good for my heart day. When I decided to swap though, I realized I’d lose almost 1.5hrs of time. I figured though, if I do what I know God would want me to do, then He’ll take care of the rest.

So yesterday I went to work. I got up really late and had a hard time waking up so I was grouchy (again). We went to Talahassee and back, then headed off to Wichita. On the way back we were doing pretty good except they slowed us down a little. We landed about 7 and then just sat on the runway. Evidently there had been some weather drama that had clogged the airport up. At one point I went up in the cockpit and counted 26 planes sitting on the taxiways around and in front of us. So we ended up getting to the gate at 8:15. Since it took us all that time I ended up making the same as I would’ve made on Sunday, plus 6 minutes :-P. Contrary to what some may say, I don’t think God made the weather and clogged up the airport so I’d get more money. I just know that I’m really glad I made the decision to trust God and swap. I would’ve rather gone home on time yesterday, but that’s life in the airlines right?

Oh yeah… I think I have the worst phone luck. Yesterday when we were flying to Wichita I pulled the ice bucket out from its space. Right over the counter is a cubby where I put things during flight. I had a magazine and some random stuff in there. There’s also a drain to the side which you can put things in when you don’t want them to slide off the counter during take off. I moved my phone from the drain to the cubby because I had to drain all the water out of the ice bucket. Almost immediately after I placed it there it slid off into the bucket of water…….. I gave it to the pilots to put on their dashboard to dry. It still worked when I turned it on later. Then when we got to Atlanta I bent down to unhook the handrails so they could bring the ramp up and it fell out of my pocket, onto the side of the door and onto the ground… I don’t know what my problem is. All I kept thinking when this was happening was, I’m so glad my new phone didn’t get here when I wanted it, otherwise that would’ve been it. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I HAVE to figure out a way to take better care of this phone. I love my new phone. It makes me happy. My perfume and the books came today as well which also makes me happy.

I think that’s all I have for now. I should go pack for work.

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