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Last day syndrome

June 9, 2007

No, I’m not speaking of the end of the world. I speaking of the way that our planes break on the last day of every trip. We’re finally on the home stretch. We’re missing our homes and loved ones. We’re so close I can almost taste the old food in my refrigerator. And our planes breaks. I just wish that there were some way to find this out before I got up at 430 and came to the airport.

I was going to blog last night about not being able to go to sleep, because I couldn’t until about 1130, but my browser crashed and I took it as a sign to keep trying (to sleep). I’m all revved up on caffiene and have nothing to do now. So frustrating. It doesn’t seem that we’ll have to do our TYS turn, but I seriously doubt we’ll get back late enough not to go to DTW. Good times. At least I don’t have to stand up for 5 flights. My shoes still hurt so bad.

I’ve had a pretty good trip overall. I’m sad that I’ve swapped all the rest of my trips out because my crew is really nice. My captain is usually the last one downstairs in the morning, which makes me happy cause then it isn’t me.

We’re in Asheville right now and last night I was once again reminded of one of the perks of my job. We arrived here yesterday afternoon and my grandpa picked me up and took me to their house for dinner. It’s so nice to think “I’m working right now” but to be able to spend time with friends or family. We had a really nice dinner (my grandma makes fabulous salmon) and a great visit. I haven’t seen them very much in the last year so it’s great to come up and visit. The weather up here is really nice and they also got a lot of rain yesterday. Hopefully some of it hit GA. When we were driving back to the hotel last night we saw part of a rainbow and a really beautiful sunset. It seriously is the little things in life that keep you happy.

Wireless internet in small airports also makes me happy. It’s funny how nearly all the small airports have free wireless, but the big ones can’t handle it. Not so much funny actually as ridiculous. And it even reaches out to our plane. Evidently the fluid we need is arriving at 9am on the flight from Atlanta. We’ll see how that goes. It’s also a fun thing getting local maintenance out bright and early on a Saturday morning. I’m supposed to work tomorrow. I think I was on drugs and I picked up a dayline from someone. It’s a lot of time, but I still wish I hadn’t. I really hate how much church I’ve missed lately and picking up trips definitely isn’t going to change that. I called scheduling to see if they would swap it for one on Monday, but I’m supposed to call back later… I really hope they approve it. I don’t want to have to be back to work at 740am tomorrow.

The caffiene is taking over my entire body so I’ll stop now.

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