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It’s all about perspective

June 7, 2007

If you think Georgia is bad in the summer, just got to Louisiana. It’s absolutely disgusting here. I just went for a little jaunt here in Lafayette. I wanted to go get sushi for lunch so I looked up the directions I saw that it was 2.5 miles away. Not entirely out of the question since I have time and need to exercise. Then I walked out the door and the humidity hit me. There’s basically no point in sweating here because the air is already so wet. Needless to say I did not walk the 5 mile round trip. I went to the post office, stopped at some little stores, and got Subway for lunch.

I’m very pleased with myself. Probably for the first time in my life I mailed a birthday card and gift on time. Of course, I did get the gift when I was in China in February with the intention of giving it to my sister then. So it’s in time for her birthday Monday but actually about 4 months late.

I need to get ready for work. My new shoes are killing me. Evidently my feet are just too bony. And my new flip flops rubbed a bare spot on my foot just now. Good thing I only have to fly two legs today. We end up in SCE, wherever that is. Somewhere in PA I think. I should be getting ready right now.

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