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June 6, 2007

I just woke up from a lovely night’s sleep. It’s my last night in my bed for 3 so I figured I’d enjoy it as long as possible. I have to be at work at 1423 so I should probably get a move on if I want to accomplish anything beforehand.

This morning I had all kinds of dreams. I did yesterday as well. I dreamed that the captain from our cruise ship called Charity and wanted to take her out. I wish I could remember more details of it. Just now I dreamed that we were swimming around in somewhere with clear water and tropical fish – and our living room. I dunno. Earlier I dreamed that we brought a flight in from somewhere. I think most of the people were going crazy cause they were singing “It’s a small world” and wouldn’t stop. We also had to get in line and turn in our report cards (odd) and if you did well you got some prize. But since I was at the back of the line by the time I got up there they were handing out crappy, navy blue afghans.

I also dreamed about Flica, my interenet scheduling site. I was not pleased with the schedule I got this month. My trips had too many legs each day and were all short ones. Those are the trips that tire me out. And they were all Wed-Sat. I’d prefer to be off on Saturdays since most of my friends have real jobs. So I’ve been trying to swap but keep getting denied for low coverage on the Saturdays. It’s ridiculous to me because if you have a reserve who can work the Tues-Fri one let me do it and let them work the Wed-Sat one… But whatev. So I’ve swapped the last two trips of the month out for much better ones, but have been denied 7 times for low coverage on the 16th. 3 of the denials were for the same trip. So I kept putting it in. Last night I dreamed that instead of it saying Denied it said Wired to some email address. I was thinking I was getting in trouble for resubmitting so many times. Then I woke up this morning and it had been approved. HA! I beat scheduling at their nonsense. If at first you don’t succeed, bug them til they give up and give you what you want :-D. That’s my motto.

My legs are a lovely shade of sore this morning. I went to the gym yesterday with the lovely Molly and ran/walked for 40 minutes – over 3 miles. I did a lot better than I expected considering I haven’t run in over a month. After the gym I cooked stir fry with the veggies I had in the frig. It was yummy. Then we ruined it by eating cheesecake. Go us. I blame Tanya and Molly for getting it out. They did, of course, force feed it to me.

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