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This is what I do

June 5, 2007

When I can’t decide what to do. I had a big day of lying (is that the right word) by the pool planned, but there seems to be thunder going on. I’ve spent the morning messing around online, going through my bills, catching up on emails, sorting things… but somehow feel like I haven’t gotten much done. I need to go to the gym. I went yesterday for the first time in a long time. It was pretty pathetic. I guess it was better than not going at all…

Last night I enjoyed some amazing sushi. I had a hot date with a married person. Woo hoo! I love reconnecting with old friends. I love having people that I can be completely honest with.

I can’t believe it’s June already. Our lease is up at the end of July and I don’t know where I’m going to live after that. I might just live in my car. Everyone is getting married. Moving on with their lives. I’d say I don’t like it but there isn’t any point in not liking it. It’s life. It happens. I don’t always accept the changes as quickly as I should, but I’m getting better at it. I think I have pretty much accepted that all of my friends are getting married and that when people get married things change. I’m not making any blanket statements because each of my friends has reacted differently to being married. Some have stayed the same. Some have gotten closer to me after they were married. Some have drifted away. Everyone is different. What can you do? You can’t make someone be close to you. I’ll probably do really obnoxious things if I ever get married too. Oh well. Growing up definitely teaches you not to hold on to anything too tight. It’s ok. There is always something or someone wonderful just around the corner.

I had a lovely weekend with friends and family. They’re fantastic. Poor Michal is sick. We celebrated Peter’s birthday on Sunday. He’s already blown all his money on lottery tickets and cigarettes since he’s old enough now.

Today I need to get ready for my trip tomorrow. Go to the grocery store. Go to the gym. Get organized. Clean my room (it never ends). Call about this stupid bill I just got. I don’t know what order to do everything in though. Fun times…

Oh yeah, I added some pictures.

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