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Oh what a beautiful morning…

May 29, 2007

This morning I woke up in my bed for the third morning in a row and it has been glorious. I had really bizarre dreams, but that seems to be a trend lately. I dreamed that Angela and Shaun were having another wedding. The dresses were the same color as last time but a different style. We were walking out and no one knew where to stand and we kept shifting around to make room. I’m sure the dream has something to do with all the talk of weddings that surrounds 8302 and beyond lately.

It’s kind of old news now but I had two “important” people on my flights lately. The first was the notorious Terrell Owens. Thing is, I didn’t know who he was til after he got off the plane (the 50 something year old gay guy I was flying with wasn’t up on all his NFL players either). Wouldn’t have made any difference really. He’s hard to miss and I already felt bad for him being crammed into the window seat on one of our little bitty CRJs. We were coming back to Atlanta from Cleveland.

The other person was the Vice President of Liberia, who according to the CIA library is Joseph Boakai. He was traveling with his wife and 6 others up to Des Moines for some convention. According to the articles I’ve read there are about 24,000 Liberians in the US and about 600 of them live in Des Moines. There were a bunch of people at the airport to greet them with flowers and cameras. It was funny because the gate agents had told me who they were but I didn’t know if they wanted people to know who they were. I asked the VP’s wife if they had traveled far that day and she said yes, they had come from Liberia and he was the Vice President. So evidently they aren’t shy about his position. Once again I felt bad for them having to fly all that way and end up on an RJ for the last 2 hours. Oh well.

Des Moines seems to be the place to go these days. I had 2 German couples coming to visit their children who had moved there. Another non English speaking couple. And the Liberians. One of the German couples sat directly in front of me and the man smelled so bad I thought that I would be physically ill. Every time he moved I got a wiff of him. Eventually he settled down, thankfully, otherwise I don’t know how I would’ve dealt with it.

I also met a man who was missing part of his finger. I asked him what happened and said it was a lawn mower accident when he was about 12. It happened at a neighbor’s house so the neighbor called his father and said they would take the son to the hospital cause he had had an accident. The father tells the mother that he’s going to the hospital cause the son had had an accident, but she doesn’t realize what he said and just said she had something in the oven so she’d see him later. He goes in the garage and starts to leave and then she realizes what’s going on. As she is running out of the house he runs into her with the car so he ended up taking her to the hospital to be treated as well. Nothing serious, thankfully. But I thought it was the funniest story that ever came from asking someone what happened to them. It honestly made my day I was laughing so hard (before you think I’m a jerk, the man was laughing as well).

That’s all for now. I have stuff to do on my last day off.

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