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It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

May 29, 2007

Man, oh man… I’m having a crazy fun afternoon here in Alexandria, LA. It’s a little easier to go to work knowing you only have one short flight and then you can do nothing for the rest of the day, but at the same time, now I’m going to be in Alexandria doing nothing all day. I just finished a fabulous lunch of herb & garlic tuna on pita bread. I know… Everyone wants to kiss me now. In case I wasn’t desirable enough, let’s throw in some tuna, and then some garlic to top it off. Yeah baby!

There are probably a lot of productive things I should be doing. I need to complain to my company because they like to short me on my paychecks, but I can’t seem to access the complaint line from here. I also should go running. I haven’t in many, many moons, but I really need to. For some reason my body isn’t taking the icecream, hotdogs, hamburgers, and chocolate I’ve eaten in the last few days and turning it into pure muscle. Crazy, I know.

I found out yesterday that there is officially nothing going on with any future job prospects. They aren’t hiring anyone at the moment, which makes me happy cause at least I know I’m not getting skipped.

I don’t have anything interesting to say. I seem to have about a 3 second attention span these days. I think of things I’m supposed to do, then I forget as I move to do them. I wrote down things to blog about, but now they all seem silly and ridiculous. C’est la vie. (If that isn’t spelled right, I blame wikipedia).

This morning I told my FO how our CA had lived in Africa and liked to tell lots and lots and lots of stories about it. He started singing Toto’s Africa, and now 4.5 hours later it’s still stuck in my head. I hope the same thing happens to some of you :-D. I’m mean like that.

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