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Ray of sunshine

May 12, 2007

Today upon arriving home from work I checked the mail. In it was a friendly, card-like, envelope addressed to me. I was confused as I did not recognize the return name and address. It was written by hand though so I knew it couldn’t be junk mail. I opened it and it said “Something for you, with special thanks”… and had a $25 Starbucks gift card in it. The note inside thanked me for returned their wallet and apologized for it taking them a year to get back to me. I vaguely remembered finding a small wallet on one of my flights. I knew if I turned it in to the gate it would probably just get thrown in lost and found, and since I’ve had so many things lost or stolen over the last few years I know how frustrating it is to have to replace everything. I decided to mail it back to the girl. I can’t say I wasn’t wanting any thanks – I did put my return address on it – but really wasn’t expecting to hear anything. It wasn’t a big deal to return it and I would hope someone would do it for me one day. It was just such a nice surprise though. I’m really excited to have a Starbucks gift card cause it’s one of those luxuries that I can’t exactly justify to myself on a regular basis. Anyway… It brought a ray of sunshine into my dark view of passengerkind.

I also had a fabulous visit with the family. Peter cooked a scrumptious meal of chicken wings (from scratch), mac’n’cheese, and carrots and celery. It was really nice and as always wonderful to see my family – and my lovely mother who I don’t think I’ve seen on mother’s day for the last 5 years. And she still loves me – one of the many reasons she’s so wonderful. I bought my Grandma a card on Tuesday in an effort to be proactive and kind and it’s sitting in my purse with a stamp on it but lacking a zip code. Unfortunately when Monday comes around and I can mail it the stamp won’t be worth enough money… Arg.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning to fly to Orlando, then drive to Port Canaveral to go on a cruise. I don’t know uch about it except we are going to the Bahamas. We’ll be back on Thursday morning. So if I’m scarce between now and then that’s why. I’m really nervous that I’m going to get seasick, since I can’t even sit on a swing without feeling sick sometimes… We’ll see how it goes. It’s nice to be in my bed tonight.

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