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Just my luck

May 12, 2007

There’s something about going on vacation that makes everything go wrong. We are now in the Canton/Akron airport with a broken plane and no hope of leaving until later this afternoon. I was happy cause our Midway turn got cancelled but it looks like we won’t get back til later than we would’ve if we had gone to Midway. We didn’t even get here until almost midnight last night and then didn’t get to our rooms until almost 1. I am le tired. At least I’m stuck here with nice people.

I had a really lovely break in LAX. We drove up the coast and had lunch at this beach restaurant. It was so beautiful out there. We ate lunch with the sun on our heads and our feet in the sand. The food was amazing as well. After that we drove further up the coast and gawked at the houses perched up in the hills along Hwy 1. I did manage to get about 10 hours of sleep that night, mostly because I couldn’t stay awake. My schedule has been so odd lately that I’ve been having a hard time going to sleep when I actually get there. Now I just have to make it home today.

I think I’ve sneezed about 57,000 times in the last few days. I’ve been in so many different places that I can’t seem to pinpoint an allergy. My best guess is that I’m allergic to myself.

If you need me, you know where I’ll be for at least the next 5 hours probably.

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