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May 8, 2007

I’m in denial that I have to be at work in less than 10 hours. I don’t feel like packing (or unpacking from my last 2 trips). I don’t feel like doing laundry either. I just feel like doing nothing. I’m pretty excited about this trip. I get to spend nearly 24 hours in the great city of Los Angeles as well as see J, who has been out there since the beginning of the month. Our company is so organized that they realized they don’t have enough pilots out there so they sent 10 guys out there, put them in a hotel for a month, and are paying them $1.50/hr for the entire month. What a smart airline! I’m craving Diet Coke but I know if I drink it I’ll be up all night. At the rate I’m going I’m going to be up all night anyway… So though I may be in denial of the fact that I have to work at 6am, I’m in acceptance of the fact that I will be very tired tomorrow.

Good news on the phone front. My text messages now involve punctuation and the letters d, e, and f. I can also now use the other buttons without fear of accidently hanging up on someone or turning my phone off. The replacement came today and I’m very happy. The foot rollers I ordered off Amazon also came today. I got a big one for home and a small one for my suitcase. Got the two rollers and had them shipped all for about $10. So much easier than driving around to a million stores like I did before.

Amie and our new child are home so now I’m going to do something else.

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