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May 6, 2007

I’m sitting in an amazing beach house in Florida. I’m drinking Diet Coke, lasagna is cooking, and Faith is making brownies. I spent the day rotating between the beach and the pool. We did get rained out of both but only for a brief time. The water was turquoise (pronounced like Shirley Q – ter-kwozz), the sky was blue, the dolphins were jumping and it was fantastic.

I spent Friday afternoon wandering around Ottawa. It’s a beautiful city and I would like to spend more time there. We saw the parliament buildings, complete with their very own stray cats on the hill. Not really impressed with the random little cat houses. I think it was more the randomosity of it that I enjoyed. I love cities with rivers in them and Ottawa has a river and canals. It seems very well taken care of as well. I just wish I was there a few weeks later when all the tulips were blooming. The buds were there but that was about it. After wandering around looking at the shops, then having lunch, I went back ot the hotel, read for a little while, and was asleep by 7pm. I needed it.

Yesterday morning I began the 3000 mile journey to Floriday. Okay, maybe it wasn’t 3k miles to Florida, but that’s how many miles I went before I got there. I took 2 people to Lewisburg, WVa, brought 13 back, went home, grabbed a few things and Kathryn and now here we are. Such a hard life. My main problems today have been what color to paint my toenails, which lotion to rub on my burn/tan, whether to lay by the pool or on the beach, which couch to watch tv from… I’ve been suffering.

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