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Happy Jesus is Alive Day!

April 8, 2007

This week I’ve had the pleasure of reading two really good books. This one I just finished was Lovely Bones. The other one was The Secret Life of Bees. My grandma lent that one to me. I never wanted it to end. They were both very soul stirring books. Maybe that’s a kind of dramatic way to put it, but they were both stories that got into your head, your sleep, your heart.. like you knew the people. Maybe even that it was you… Anyhoo…

We had an enormous and fabulous lunch today at the folks’ house. Miss Erickson, Jamie, and Jonathan joined us. Now I’m still too full to do much besides lie around the house. I’d like to de-junk my room but I don’t know if I have the energy. Yesterday was completely unproductive so I need to get something done before it’s back to work on Tuesday.

Tanya just got home so I’m going to make her entertain me.

Currently reading : The Lovely Bones: A Novel By Alice Sebold

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