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tweedle dum

March 21, 2007

I have a lot I should be doing but since my foot is in a bowl of tea (ask me. maybe I’ll explain) and I can’t move blogging seems like a good option. We just got back from having breakfast with our dear father at the local WH. Just making sure my digestive system doesn’t get bored and my arteries don’t get lazy. We also stopped by Fedex last night after I picked them up from the airport and talked to Daddy through the fence. Reminded us of the good ol’ days when he was a convict ;). Israel is now showering, Toni is reading and we’re getting ready to make the drive up to the grandparents’ house in Asheville. I’m looking forward to it since I haven’t seen this since Christmas of ’05 (yes, I’m a terrible granddaughter). It’s a beautiful day for driving as well. Most of the days lately have been beautiful – in GA anyway.

I got back from a 4-day last night and it was actually quite nice. Saturday I ended up in Portland, ME, home of the oh so fabulous Amy and Shane. Amy picked me up at the airport and we got to see Portland celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. That city is so much different from what I’m used to, and other than the bitter cold and deep snow, I could probably get used to it. Sunday we came back through Atlanta and went to Wichita, which I have now learned is an aviation mecca. Never have I seen so many pilots and aviation types in one place. I had a very enjoyable 30+ hours there. It rained the whole time but there wasn’t much to do outside of the hotel anyway. I met some interesting people. Had two Germans buy me dinner, one of whom was there to pick up the Leer jet he had just purchased. He also showed me a picture of his latest “toy” – a cute little car… I think it was a Ferrari or something Italian like that ;). It was fun times. Yesterday we came back to Atlanta and took a quick round trip to Cozumel. I think it’s a new form of torture my company has thought of – sending you to beautiful tropical places, letting you feel the warm air, smell the beach, and then not even letting you get off the plane before they send you back to Atlanta. Looks like I’ll be down in that part of the world in May though when we go on Tanya’s graduation celebration cruise. Woo hoo.

Well tea time is over. Off to Asheville.

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