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leftover land… mmm

March 11, 2007

This is what I call living the dream… I’m at my fabulous overnight in Des Moines (properly pronounced dess moi-ness). Another king sized bed which rocks my face off. The weather here is really pleasant. There’s still snow on the ground in places but I’d be surprised if it was even the low 50s here. I wore my sweater and scarf over my short sleeved shirt and was warm. I just finished off some lovely cold leftovers which will probably cause me to dream really ridiculous things.

Last night I had one of the loveliest meals someone (besides my family) has prepared for me, and this evening I had it again. Only cold and out of tupperware. It was still good. Yesterday J invited me to come eat with him. He has been buying kitchen stuff and I think he was just eager to put it all to use. He wouldn’t tell me what we were eating and when I got there he was scurrying around like mad. I was extremely impressed with the multi-tasking taking place. There was beef on the grill, bruschetta on bread with parmesan toasting on it in the oven, a salad (no iceberg) already prepared in the fridge, shrimp for the salad being browned, pasta boiling, sauce simmering, brie and bread as well as 3 kinds of olives on the table, asparagus ready to be steamed, mushrooms to be sauteed, and strawberries cut up and soaked in a lemon liquer to go on icecream later… It was so nice and tasted so good. I felt like I was in a fancy restaurant (or…. the queen of the world :-D). I even enjoyed mushrooms. I don’t really know why I don’t like them since they kind of remind me of olives and I love olives. I’m working on it though. But they were good with the sauce, beef, asparagus, and pasta. Combine the good food with wonderful company and it was a perfect way to end a truly restful, happy week.

And then it was back to the real world today. I wasn’t feeling going to work today but once I got the passengers on the plane it reminded me why I do like my job. The first place we went today was Monroe, Louisiana and I have to say there’s something about southerners. I’m not just saying this because I am one either. There are certain places I fly in the south where I know there will be at least a few really friendly people on my flight. They might have ridiculous accents, but at least they’re friendly :). And that’s what makes my job enjoyable. I hate when I have a whole day and no one talks to me. It can get lonely out there.

Speaking of lovely meals, I had a completely different type of one again today, which also made going to work difficult cause I was so full and sleepy. At my parent’s house we had split pea soup, deviled eggs, potato salad, tuna and crackers, carrots and jello with pineapple. It’s funny cause they’re all pretty simple things, but made in a way that was so good, and something I wouldn’t make for myself. My mom adds all the extra stuff that makes it really yummy. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s so good to go to my mother’s house and eat real food, not the kind you find in every other restaurant (or my refrigerator).

It is now past my bedtime. After writing this blog I’ll probably dream about food, food, and more food. Last night as I was admiring and enjoying the wonderful meal I realized how good God is/was to us when He made eating such an enjoyable thing. Not just the being full part, but all the varieties of flavors, textures, and colors. It’s funny because He could’ve made necessary things, like sleeping and eating, unpleasant or just boring, but instead He chose to make them both things we could really love and enjoy. As you may be able to tell, I really love food and I really love sleep. Thank you God :). And thank you, God, for giving me people in my life who like to cook yummy and pretty things for me.

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