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what a waste

March 1, 2007

It really bugs me to spend all this time off feeling lousy. The weather has been beautiful, I have people I need to catch up with, things I need to do, places to go, and I’ve felt like crap the whole time. I did get some things accomplished. Got my oil changed. You can now walk in my room. Got my hair cut. But it’s still frustrating cause I wanted to do a lot more. I went to the doctor today cause I can’t call out without getting paperwork from a doctor. Blah. More money spent. I feel like I go to the doctor too much. But then I remembered that two of my friends don’t have health insurance which keeps them from going as much, and a lot of the rest of them are men, which keeps them from going at all… And I felt a little better.

Last night I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 11 this morning. I’ve been having dreams lately that I can’t play my violin anymore. Partially cause my fingernails are too long (which they are), and partially cause it’s been too long (which it has). I should do something about that. About both.

Now I’m going to do what I’ve been doing most of the rest of the day – lie on the couch, drink Emergen-C loaded water, and do nothing. Good times.

Someone needs to entertain me.

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