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these are the days…

February 27, 2007

The days that make it all worthwhile. Being at home during the week rocks my face off. The sky is my favorite shade of blue. Not that gross winter blah white. It’s spring and fall blue. I’m sitting on my balcony (unfortunately in the shade) listening to the sounds of the wind in the trees, the trucks on the road, planes overhead… All the beautiful sounds of nature :). I still feel funky but after being woken up by the sun burning me up I decided to go to the gym. Didn’t do a lot cause I have no energy but by tomorrow my legs and shoulders should be joining my triceps in pain. I love it.

After the gym went with J to Moe’s and sat outside and enjoyed the warm sunshine. I love weather like this when you can be comfortable outside. When you can drive with the windows down, top open, music loud. It makes me happy.

I also journeyed over to Newnan and got my hair cut and colored. I was looking a bit shaggy and since my hair grows so fast most of the color had been cut off. It’s nothing ridiculous. Just like before where you can’t really tell it’s colored, which is how I like it. It just brightens up my not brown not blond hair.

My room is still a wreck. It seems like it always is lately. I wish Mary Poppins existed and would come magically clean it for me. Ha.. I should work on it now but it’s too nice out here. Jamie and I are going to see Spamalot tonight, which should be lots of fun. Woo hoo :).

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