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you’re so far away from me…

February 9, 2007

This is my last full day in Fenghua and it feels weird. It’s been nice to be in one place for more than 24 hours. We’ve spent most of the time walking around, looking in shops, and eating. Everything is so cheap here. The other night the three of us went to eat with one of Israel’s coworkers. We ordered 4 dishes and each had rice. The total was 70 RMB which is less than $10. I’m having trouble finding souvenirs because it seems all you can buy here are sweaters, coats, shoes, and food. And most of you back home wouldn’t enjoy the food I could bring back for you.

We went to a market yesterday with fresh food and meat in open stalls. They even had live octopi. It’s very interesting. I can’t even begin to list all the different unusual foods. They even have dogs for sale out back (yes, for eating). Last night we ate at the home of one of Israel’s coworkers. We had a really nice time and ate some really unusual foods. I haven’t even seen a fork since I got off the airplane on Monday. I’m doing pretty good with the chopsticks but I always mess up when someone is watching me and manage to drop my food, or just not pick it up. When you eat you order several different dishes and everyone gets bowls of rice. The dishes go in the middle and you just use your chopsticks to put the food onto your rice and eat it from there. They do have spoons sometimes, which is nice, but the Chinese people usually keep the spoon in the left hand and and chopsticks in the right.

After we finish up online we’re going to go back to this place we ate the other day where the ladies taught us to make dumplings. There is so much to write about but it would take me forever.

I think if I lived here for a while I would develop body issues. I am bigger than every woman i have met here. I can’t find shoes big enough for my feet (and my feet really aren’t that big!) I can’t even imagine what it would be like if i tried to buy jeans here. Last night I was told that my legs are longer and bigger than the Chinese (which I already knew.) No one here has much of a butt either so they must think mine is enormous. Oh well. That’s why I love America… haha Oh yeah, and my nose “is very high (long)”.

More to come later. We go back to Shanghai tomorrow and then if all goes to plan I’ll leave for Tokyo early Monday. I should leave Tokyo around 4:30pm and get to Atlanta around 2pm. Same day. How cool is that?

Peace from China.

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