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when you feel so tired but you can’t sleep…

January 14, 2007

Evidently sleep hates me. I spent most of the afternoon trying to stay awake and now I’ve been lying in bed for almost 2 hours and can’t go to sleep. My mind won’t ever stop going. So frustrating.

I’m realizing how much I have to do tomorrow. I start a 4 day on Tuesday morning so I have to get ready for that. And my room is disgusting. It seems like all I do is try to keep it clean. Lately I haven’t even been trying though. I think I’ve been in denial about it, like if I ignore it it will clean itself, which is probably how it got to this point. It’s awful. So I need to clean it up, do laundry, put my clean clothes away, pack for this week, etc… Basically good times.

The last two days off have been lovely. Last night Amie, Jay, and I had supper with my family, which was fabulous as always since my mother is the best cook ever. Then after supper Peter and I went shopping for dress shirts. Too bad noone else knew that’s what we were doing and it just looked like I was wearing 6 ties for the fun of it (we were trying to match shirts with ties he already had).

This morning I went to church then back to the family’s for lunch. Also got my hair styled, then restyled, then restyled, then finally when I threatened Peter’s life he put it back in a way that I could wear in public. I don’t really care what he does to my hair really, it just feels nice to have my hair messed with.

Tonight Amie and I used what was left on a giftcard she had and all the change in the bottom of her purse to buy stuff to make quesadillas. It was so disappointing though because the avos we bought were harder than rocks. The lesson for the evening was microwaving avocados does not make them soft. It just makes them really hot. (I swear it was Amie’s idea.. haha). The quesadillas were pretty good considering it was my first attempt and I had to use a frying pan to cook them.

Oh yeah, this is something I overheard on a flight the other day. A man and a college age girl were talking and I’m almost positive he asked her if she was bilingual. Her answer was (in English) I’m not bilingual, I just speak Spanish. I really hope I misunderstood her, otherwise I should probably feel sorry for her for being so stupid. It did make me laugh to myself though.

I’m thinking about joining the gym. It’s not like I need something else to spend money on every month, but I really, really need to exercise. I would feel better, look better, probably sleep better. I’d save money in the long run cause at this point I’m having to replace all my clothes because none of them fit me anymore :-P. Right now there is a $1 sign up fee so I pretty much have to decide tomorrow if I’m going to do it… My foot is finally getting better and I can get back to running. It’s frustrating cause J started back running the same time I did in Nov. but didn’t stop and he’s lost about 10lb. I, on the other hand, have gained several more, bringing myself to an all time high. Woo hoo. I’m not saying I’m fat or anything, I just know I could be healthier and it would be good for me to be active… We shall see.

This is getting long and I’m still not ready to sleep so I think I’ll have to try something else. Hasta la pasta.

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