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Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain/plane

January 10, 2007

I’m so glad that I only have one flight tomorrow morning, then I go home. The part that isn’t fun is that the flight is at 6am. We were supposed to go back to ATL and do a round trip to the grand city of Erie, PA but our FO lost her voice so she had to be replaced and the replacing took so long that our rest got super reduced tonight. wheww… That was a long sentence and now I’m all out of breath. The problem is, I slept really late this morning and can’t seem to be tired yet. All day today I’ve felt slightly out of it. I drank coffee thinking that might pull things together more in my head, but nothing has seemed to work. I feel like I’m forgetting something. I just had a panic moment and went to check and make sure that my manual was in my bag.

I’ve noticed that they made myspace somewhat Australian or something.. It’s kind of odd cause they put the date day first, month second, opposite what we do here. I wonder how many people that will confuse. My heigh is also listed in centimeters. So for all of you who have been wondering how many centimeters tall I am, now you know. I know it’s been keeping you awake at night.

I continue to be addicted to Flica. Swapping is just too much fun. I swapped my 4 day next week for one of J’s which should be fun. Work isn’t that much fun anyway so it’s always nice to be able to work with someone fun. Still working on some swaps though. I need to get some more hours but would rather work longer on the days I’m already working than give up more of my off days.. We’ll see.

As much fun as Tulsa is 410 is going to come too early.

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