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I can’t think of a subject

January 7, 2007

I don’t have much to say. I don’t seem to very often lately. Probably makes some people happy :-P. Things are good which helps, I guess. I just had a day of driving around in the rain, talking to my other little sister Roya, seeing the family, eating my mom’s great food, and general pleasantness along those lines. The weather here is disgusting. Friday it was awful. There were tornadoes south of here and it rained and rained the entire day. Yesterday, when I had to go to work, it was beautiful. And today when I’m home again it’s gross. It may seem like a complaint that the weather is only beautiful when I hvae to work, but I’m actually really glad I’m not having to work in this weather. Flights get delayed. People get grouchy. I have to be in the rain cause we don’t have jetways in Atlanta. All good times.

Yesterday I flew to Melbourne, FL and back and then to New Orleans and back. It was a pretty easy, normal day except that I was really tired. Then I came home and watched The Devil Wears Prada with J. It was cute. Glad I’ve seen it now. Maybe because I had already read the book, it was one of the few movies I’ve actually really wanted to see. We did watch Invincible Friday night which was good. I’m all about the feel good movies. There’s enough crap in life that I don’t need to pay someone to bring more of it into my head.

There isn’t much else to report on. I was reading back on some of my old blogs and they seem more interesting to me for some reason. Who knows… I need to go put my clean clothes away and do something productive. I’m reading Case for Faith and would like to finish it soon. I guess sitting on myspace isn’t going to make that happen, huh? 😛

Oh yeah, Amie’s gonna be home soon too. Woo hoo!!

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