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polar opposites

January 4, 2007

I’m in a really good mood today but need to vent about a few things that really bugged me today and recently.

I can’t stand people that let their children drink lots and lots of Coke on airplanes. Or people that let their children stand up and move around while the airplane is taxiing. Do they let their kids stand up in moving cars? (FYI to parents – the juices on airplanes have nearly as much sugar as sodas.) I can’t stand people that turn around before I’ve gotten to them and are already telling me what they want when I’m obviously busy with someone else. Or the people that think they’re cute telling you they want the filet mignon. Yeah, we all want filet mignon honey.

Now for the good stuff.

This morning as I was driving into work I saw the love of my life landing. I nearly wrecked, I was so distracted. I wish I could’ve just stopped and stared as it flew over me and landed… I even got goosebumps watching it. As you can see, I worked today. It was my 7th day being at work. Normally I would hate it but these last few days of work haven’t really been typical. I got to spend an entire day in San Francisco. Did a lot of riding around on planes and not working but still getting paid. I did a two day on Tuesday with a great crew which made that trip really nice. Got home last night and was able to swap a trip later this month for a trip today. The moral of the story is, work is going well. I did a round trip to Springfield, MO, made money, and am now home and not tired. I did accidentally wear two different trouser socks. It was noticeable if you looked at my feet, but I don’t think anyone did. One was opaque and the other like hose.. Haha..

I can’t remember what else I had to say. There are my gripes and my smiles. Polar opposites. Life is good (even though the weather here is disgusting). Hope everyone else is happy as well.

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