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the sun has returned

December 27, 2006

I write this as I eat my super healthy breakfast of my mom’s apple cake and sprite. Good times. Yay for eating whatever I want. At least I’m not eating pizza (and I’m mostly not eating that cause I didn’t think about it til just now.)

When I go back to work I’m going to have forgotten all my announcements and what I’m supposed to do on the plane. These days off have been fabulous, and the best part is, they aren’t over yet.

I’m glad the beginning of my Christmas wasn’t an indication of things to come. I worked Sunday night and Monday morning. I was on the ATR, but I figured it was a nap so it couldn’t be too bad… On the way back from Dothan in the morning it was completely white outside from the time we got off the ground until right before we landed in Atlanta. It was really turbulent and just as we were coming into Atlanta to land they made us go back around. I wanted to cry. Because of the clouds and my nausea (I think my equilibrium is off cause I’m fighting a cold) there were times when I couldn’t tell if the plane was tilted or straight. Right as we landed I threw up. Thankfully there were no passengers within 6 rows of me, though it would’ve been okay cause a few of them threw up as well. I finally got off the plane and was headed toward the bus. It was really rainy and windy but I was so happy cause I was going home. I was walking through one of those covered walkways they put out on the ramp without a care in the world. As I started to come out of the end of the walkway I was noticing how quiet the ramp was. How many sleeping airplanes there were. How I’ve never seen so many dark airplanes parked in Atlanta during the day – when I face planted. For some idiotic reason there is a bar about ankle level across the bottom of the walkway. If I wasn’t so mad and hurt I would’ve laughed at myself (as I’m sure many of you are doing right now). I put a huge hole in my hose, scraped my knee, my hands, my phone, and have a lovely little bruise right on the bottom of my shin. Add to that the fact that I fell on my hands on the ramp in Atlanta in the rain, which is absolutely disgusting. Thankfully no one was around to witness my gracefulness. I still don’t know what they were thinking putting a bar across the bottom of the walkway. It’s like putting a bar across the bottom of a door. Makes no sense.

Anyway… the rest of my Christmas was much, much better. I went home, showered, put on my pjs, and went to my parent’s house. We opened presents, napped (well I did anyway) and ate all day. We sat around and compared injuries. My dad has staples in his head from work, Joy had surgery on her foot, and I can’t seem to walk. Evidently Peter is perfect though :-P.

The last few days have been really lovely. I need to get going to so I can go hang out with my family this afternoon.

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